Lake Fork Fall Turnover

  Well its September and Fall is here. Night time temps are droping into the upper 50's to low 60's. We are getting into the time of year were the dreaded turnover puts the big hurt on the bass fishing. Here are a few things to look for and ways to get some fish in the boat even when the bite turns south due to these conditions.

May Report

May Fishing Report The bass spawn on Lake Fork is winding down and it’s been a n awesome Spring. Currently the lake is slightly above full pool and water temps are hitting the mid 70”s. Despite recent rains and winds the water clarity is good to stained. Now the weather will start to stabilize more and fish will start to move into consistent patterns. Large females will be feeding up after recuperating from the strain of spawning and can be caught on multiple techniques. The top water bite is gaining momentum with the hollow body frog is producing plenty of big bites throughout the day.

Catching GIANTS!

 Among those who know me, its no secret that I'm addicted to night fishing. Although most fisherman prefer to night fish during the summer months, winter and early spring produce the real giants. Big females are at there largest during this time of year when they are engorged with eggs and at their heaviest potential weight. Most are staging for the spawn and feed heavily during the night hours while they wait for the call to lay their eggs.

New website!

 The new site is up and functioning for the new year! Hopefully I can get back on track with my blogs and lake reporting, I know a lot of my readers have been wondering about when I was going to start posting again. look for new lake reports to start coming out in the next few weeks along with tips, trick, and techniques.

 Until next time,

Be Safe!



"Dog Days" are all but gone!

 Sumner is winding down, and temps are easing up! Reecent rains have dropped water temps into the low 80's and water clarity is good. The lake is currently at 403.00 ft and at full pool.
Low water temps with lots of rain have made for some exciting fishing. When weather like this occurs the water becomes highly oxygenated and the fish can be scattered. Ive been catching fish fro 1 ft to 30 ft. when I locate them there are usually several, so work the area thoroughly.

Best New Bait for 2016!

If you haven't seen these NEW baits yet you're missing out on the hottest soft plastic on the trail today! In 2014 Tightlines combined their innovative UV technology with a skirted  bait to create the Whisker Baits. Now for 2016 they have taken it a step further, double skirts which not only give an added dimension to your favorite plastics but new colors that give contrast to the bait. Also the creative people at Tightlines have listened to the anglers and now have added scent. Unlike other companies they took the extra step of putting bait specific scents in their line up.

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