About This Great Lake

Lake Fork was impounded in Februrary of 1980, and opened in September that same year. It is located on the Sabine River in Hopkins, Rains and Wood Counties about 90 miles east of the Dallas/Metroplex area. The surface area is 27,264 acres with a maximum depth of 70 feet.

As of this writing Lake Fork has 32 fish listed in the top 50 largemouth bass caught in Texas, and also boasts the current state Record (18.18 lbs.). A combination of restrictive harvest regulations, stocking of Florida strain largemouth, and abundant habitat has contributed to Lake Fork's development as one of the country's premier trophy bass lakes. The current restrictions for largemouth bass length limit is a 16-24” slot. Bass 16 inches and less or 24 inches or greater in length may be retained. Only one bass 24 inches or greater may be retained each day.

Lake Fork has abundant habitat consisting of Hydrilla, Eurasian milfoil, coontail, American lotus, water primrose, water hyacinth, lilly pads, alligatorweed and pennywort.

Structure fishing on Lake Fork is some of the best in the country, with numerous creeks, humps, ridges, points, and ledges to fish. Along with these structures are plenty of large hard woods. 80% of the timber was left standing when the lake was impounded. The lake is navigable with marked boat lanes, but during periods of low water extreme caution should be used.

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